At the border


The Border

Rainfall has worsened the situation, stranding people at the Border

People crawl through chained link fence, hair caught in barbed wire, to get to the Border

Maryam hurries to find blankets to keep her children warm at the Border

Police led dogs patrol people at the Border

A baby is crying at the Border

Landlocked central Europe is building a fence to keep people out at the Border


When my husband and I got to the border a policemen beat us with a metal stick. I was three months pregnant. I lost my baby at the border.


People are praying at the Border

A mother goes without food so that her children may eat at the Border

People have their only remaining family on the other side of the Border

People are being abused by authorities at the Border

Kasim holds his sleeping brother at the Border

People are walking and walking and walking to get to the Border

Golezar is five months pregnant at the Border

People left their dead husbands within bombed houses to get to the Border

People are treated like animals at the Border


A woman passed us bottles of water through the train’s windows while we were stopped at the border.


People just want a little comfort and compassion at the Border

Alassane hid in the mountains to get to the Border

People are collapsing in exhaustion at the Border

People wash their hands in the street at the Border

People journeyed in the darkness to get to the Border

People are blocked here, trapped here, at the Border

A child dreams of becoming a heart doctor on the other side of the Border


The boat was punctured and we fell in the water. I was in the sea for 45 minutes before they pulled me out at the border.


People set off alone, walked for hours, rode in a sealed truck to get to the Border

People slept on the streets to get to the Border

People made the decision at night when they couldn’t sleep to leave for the Border

Guards threw food at people, over chain link fences, at the Border

A boy asks “Why do they not let us pass?” at the Border


If I live 200 years, I will never forget it. They helped us ashore. But why are they doing it this way at the border?


People couldn’t pay the fee to get to the Border

People had their fingerprints taken at the Border

People couldn’t see a future at home so they left behind loved ones for the Border

People were caught and sent back, before leaving again for the Border

People said with every step, that they wanted to give up, turn their backs on the Border

People said they called out to God at the Border

Winter comes to the Border


My mother and father cried for three days when I told them I would leave for the border. They said they would pray for me that I make it beyond the border.


People passed still bodies lying on the ground on their way to the Border

A child is very sick at the Border

People say it is hard to bear the Border

A little girl asks, “What is a Border?”

Malik lost his first tooth on the way to the Border

People were persecuted because they didn’t have the right papers at the Border

Amena is a single mother of four at the Border

People were held captive at the Border


We finally reached a highway and I knew we were close to the sea. I could smell the salt water. I saw the boat was a dinghy. It only seated 40 people but there were 54 of us leaving for the border.


People slept in an abandoned classroom one night one their way to the Border

Reem clutches tightly a donated Snow White doll at the Border

People began their exodus during Ramadan to get to the Border

A father was beaten badly at the Border

People travelled three years to get to the Border

People could have flown ten hours instead of walking months to get to the Border

A child’s bleeding feet needs shoes at the Border

People sleep on cardboard in the mud at the Border


We told them we are humans, please help us. My brother needs a doctor, he has not been hearing since a bomb exploded near his ear. I worry for them every night here at border.


There are no politicians, no EU delegate members, at the Border

I left after burying my youngest child for the Border

People travelled through the forest at night to get to the Border

People can’t find their families at the Border

People were not made for the Border

People died in the sea and never made it to the Border


For my mother the border hardly matters anymore, because it is her pain she cannot escape. She no longer dreams here at the border.


People sold cars, land, and homes to get to the Border

A father worries how they will ever get beyond the Border

They are preparing to deploy military on people at the Border

People are afraid there might be other problems on the other side of the Border

A man weeps, “Don’t help us the hard way. Help us the easy way,” at the Border

A woman said she would rather die on the road than here at the Border

People got crushed trying to get on the train at the Border

People crammed into a small 12-seat bus with blackened windows leaving for the Border


“I thought to myself ‘let me reach the beach and anything you say I will do’” at the Border.


A child is apathetic at the Border

You can see Humanity’s failure at the Border

They call the camp the Guantanamo of Europe, at the Border

People say the war steals every dream as they sit at the Border


“It would be irresponsible to simply let people keep streaming in,” said the spokesman guarding the Border.


We are good people here at the Border.




This is a found poem from an assortment of articles and testimonials on the Internet, in regards to refugees fleeing Syria, amongst other countries, and meeting the borders of water and land within Fortress Europe.

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